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Item Name: Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction
Item Number: 978-1-61956-543-2
Price: 495.0000
Shipping: 0.0000
Aesthetic Nasal Reconstruction, Principles and Practice, Frederick J. Menick, MD

2 volumes, 1,600 pages. The most comprehensive nasal reconstruction book ever published.

Hundreds of cases. Simple to Complex and small to large defects with over 6,000 step-by-step images.

Volumes 1 and 2 will teach you how to: Know the Normal
Examine a deformity and formulate an approach to reconstruction based on fundamental principles applicable to all defects
Define the “true” tissue loss and determine what is missing, what is present, and what tissues are available for repair
Prepare the wound, patient, and surgeon
Perform a preliminary operation to recreate the defect or reestablish a stable platform
Design operative templates to replace tissues exactly
Employ secondary healing
Use forehead skin grafts for nasal resurfacing
When and how to use local flaps
Choose between nasolabial and forehead donors
Use 2- and 3-stage forehead flap–indications and technique
Handle the forehead donor site–primary closure, expansion, surgical delay, harvest multiple forehead flaps
Control design errors and imperfections before pedicle division
Avoid and treat complications–intraoperative problems and postoperative necrosis and infection
Use microvascular free flaps for nasal reconstruction
Revise an imperfect result or redo a failed reconstruction with a second flap
Restore the normal